1. He makes awesome oven-baked smores.
    2. How awful he is at lying to me.
    3. He has to be the best listener ever. Even when he isn’t listening.
    4. How he goes along with 98% of my shenanigans.
    5. When he washes the dishes after I “forget”.
    6. The “awwwwww” he can’t suppress when he sees a baby or a dog…. or a baby dog.
    7. The way his mouth forms when he’s trying to hide his smiles.
    8. How fast the donuts are gone from the house, saving me the temptation.
    9. How he compliments my cooking even when I don’t deserve it.
    10. Those days he surprises me with a made-up bed.
    11. How he is willing to share his extra time with others and their computer problems.
    12. When he speaks to country people and his voice miraculously gains a twang.
    13. How he gets excited when he sees canned Yoohoo.
    14. How quick he is to spend $3 on a bag of a new chip flavor.
    15. How quick he is to try one chip and never touch the bag again.
    16. When he makes up words like “exasperilla”.
    17. His photography skills 👌🏾
    18. How he can make any challenge easier.
    19. He is my biggest cheerleader.
    20. The interesting things he collects but usually doesn’t use, like backpacks and bird paintings.
    21. That one time he slipped on an empty water bottle.
    22. How he tries to match me sometimes.
    23. He let me start buying him almond milk.
    24. He loves my hair.
    25. He’s a good cuddler.
    26. The way he can read my mind sometimes.
    27. How often he somehow seems to accidentally ingest cilantro even though he is allergic.
    28. How he will talk to me, help me, or study with me even though the game is on.
    29. When he says he wants to name our future kids after basketball players like Kristaps Porzingis. No thanks.
    30. How much he loves his family.
    31. He never says “I told you so” even though sometimes I know he really wants to.
    32. His constant joking about “baby-birding” food to me.
    33. How he’ll be sick as a dog, but will always be the first to volunteer himself to do something.
    34. The fact that the maddest I have ever seen him was when the dog tipped over his Kroger cornbread.
    35. His love of Kroger cornbread.
    36. How he will talk to any and EVERY one.
    37. The way he can so easily visualize our future together.
    38. When he remembers his crazy and detailed dreams.
    39. How I am always a part of his crazy and detailed dreams.
    40. When he speaks Spanish to me know good and well I have no idea what he’s saying.
    41. How he helps me so much with this blog.
    42. When he sneaks a milkshake even though he’s lactose-intolerant. I always figure it out later.
    43. His “twerking” skills.
    44. The cartoons and shows he gets me hooked on.
    45. He will dance at the drop of a hat. No questions asked. No inhibitions whatsoever.
    46. His hand fits perfectly in mine.
    47. How he drops everything to take pictures of me when I ask him to.
    48. His many laughs; some fake, some annoyed, and some snorts.
    49. How cramped and unorganized the desktop on his Mac is, yet he seems to know where everything is.
    50. When he asks me to kiss his eyelids when he has sinus pressure.

    It was way too hard compressing this list down to just 50. There are just too many unique and beautiful qualities my husband possesses!

    Comment below one unique thing you love about your mate!

    Honey, if you are reading this, I love you.

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