Today marks ONE MONTH of engagement to the man of my dreams, the One I will always love. In 6 and a half months, I will be marrying him and making an emotional move to Georgia to start life as a Crum. It truly amazes me know that in just a little while I’ll be walking down an aisle, dressed in a beautiful white gown, on my way to my future. I am so excited, happy, and a little nervous.

This may come as a surprise to you, but I dislike attention. (Does it come as a surprise to you?…No really, I want to know.) To clarify, I do like interaction.Β 

Seeking attention in my opinion is the girl who posts pictures on social media in hopes of getting compliments, having others talk about her, and having all eyes on her, whatever she is doing, or whatever she is trying to showcase.Β Seeking interaction is when a person appreciates reading what others have to say, enjoys building friendships and connections, and sincerely shows a willingness to communicate with others. A great example of that is when people create blog posts on here.

Now, I am not saying I don’t have a social media account, or just hate itΒ when people have the audacity to click “like” or double-tap my photos, but I am saying that I truly like interacting with others. I love people, and having the privilege to learn about others and meet them is the best thing ever. (Thats one reason why I am a nurse.)

The point

I hear ya… Just get to the point already, Rhanda!!

I love being engaged and I truly enjoy having my Special Someone in my life, but (being a person who dislikes attention) it can be overwhelming having people pop up out of nowhere to ask me questions, insert their input, and look at my ring.

Ghost followers have arisen, work-mates who mean-mug me on the daily are acting like my BFFs, and people who previously didn’t know my name are asking me 1,001 questions about flowers and cake.

Yeah yeah yeah, they are happy for me. They are curious. They love a good story. Yada yada yada.

Its just a little off-putting to realize that all of the sudden it’s all eyes on me. People want answers, people want pictures, and (surprise surprise) people want invitations. I literally do not know you! Β How in the world can you ask me that with so much confidence, or even insinuate it?

Is it a little over the top for me to write about how frustrated I am that people are being SUPER nice to me? Yeah, a little. But I just feel like people can very easily make my engagement a social hypocrasy. The people who loved me before I had a (stunning) ring are still loving me, but why are those who didn’t care for me all of the sudden so happy for me? I don’t get it.

I know you weren’t at all expecting to read a rant about engagementhood from me. I promise, I am not usually this negative. You were probably expecting to hear the literary equivalent to rainbows, butterflies, and lollipops. Well, let me calm your nerves. Yes, I am beyond happy, as you could probably attain from the first paragraph. Head over heels happy.

Rant aside, I am very thankful for the love and congratulations from those of you here on my blog and in real life. I definitely feel the love. And I love you guys so much. I often feel like I have been MIA on here, though it may not be readily apparent to you guys. I want to assure you that I definitely have ideas and topics I want to share with you all, just need to find time amidst wedding planning. And speaking of wedding planning, I will be updating you with that also..

I’ll see ya when I see ya next!

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