It has taken me so long to pick up my laptop and finally open my blog to address this post. To all of you who keep up with my blog, I am sorry. I have gotten many messages and kind words from fellow bloggers and close friends encouraging me to throw myself back in. At the time, I just wasn’t in the mindset. I had started working again, life was handing me lemons, and I was taking some L’s emotionally.

Nothing’s changed in those aspects, my friends. I am still working, life continues to hand me lemons, and I am still taking some L’s emotionally.

This Blog

One day I would love to talk about what I am dealing with, but today isn’t the day. You will not take away my happiness today, Satan!  One thing that has changed is me. My outlook, my emotional well-being, and especially how I am starting to view my blog. Yes, I missed writing on here. As I have said before, this is my release. This is where I formulate my opinions, this is where I discover my emotions, this is where I realize who I am. This blog.

Writing has always been my release and it will continue to be, as long as I let it. And honestly, it is the best psychiatry that I have ever had. Staying away from this blog was like missing an AA meeting. I needed to be here, yet life and my issues kept taking me away. No, I am not depressed, and no, I am not having marital issues. But serious issues have taken me away from you guys. I wanted to release my feelings, but bottling them up was an easy fix. Old habits do return, I guess.

Slowly but surely I am sure everything will start returning to normal, but for right now I am determined to stay true, lean on God, and keep my head up.


In other aspects of my life, BOY have things changed. Like, wow. It would take a long, disorganized post to share all of the changes or transitions happening with my life. That much has changed. But I don’t want to bombard you guys with all of it now. (Patience, grasshopper. I’ll be sharing all of the deets soon, guys!) I will, however share with you one of those changes.

His name is Budweiser “Buddy” Crum.


He was born on May 7 of this year and belonged to my husband’s grandmother. He is a firecracker, but so lovable and sweet. We think he has either Doberman or Miniature Doberman in him, but as for the other parts of him, we have no idea. All I know is that he is active, loves to jump, and likes treats. We’ve had him for about three months, and have enjoyed having him in our family so much. Even when he has accidents in the hallway or scratches paint off the walls. Or plops his body on our laps as if he were half his size. Butt right by our faces. Ah, such beautiful moments. (Be very proud, I could have said “booty-full” instead.)

The Future

The next few posts for this blog will most likely be updates on my life, what’s new with me and how we are adjusting to married life. I will throw in a hair update since it’s been a few months. I also have a few recipes I would love to share. Lots lots lots I want to share with you, my friends.

Again, I apologize sincerely for my absence. 3 months is too long. You deserve better. I want to thank you guys so much for your patience and love. You are the best! Something I would like back from you is feedback! Tell me what you’ve been up to, how your summer went, what you want to see from me – just anything! I’ve missed you. Leave it all in the comments below. Talk to you soon, XOXO.


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