I write this today not to speak about becoming who you are as a person, but learning who you are in a unit.

I don’t plan to speak too open and honestly, but I do feel like this is something I need to write about, mainly because I am at this moment in my life.

I do not plan to post a link to this on my Facebook page in hopes that those closest to me do not read it. Isn’t that weird? But if they happen to find this post, kudos to them for loving me enough to check out my blog!

As many of you have guessed or know, I am involved in a long distance relationship with the best guy in the world. He lives 2 states away. That’s 500 miles. That’s a 7-8 hour drive. In the time we have been together we have learned so much about ourselves and eachother. Personalities, bad habits, pet peeves. I’ve learned a new thing to love about him every day.

He’s come to New Orleans a few times to visit me and meet my friends and family, but it was only recently I got to see The Peach State, where he lives.

Coming to his neck of the woods, I feel, has changed my whole outlook on our relationship. I was able to truly see who he was in a comfortable environment for him. I saw his house, how he dealt with family, everything. It was such a different experience from the visits with him being with my family and hanging with my friends. It was nice seeing his life, aka the life I look forward to.

That brings me to Us and Our Unit. I feel like we are slowly figuring out who we are together physically, spiritually, and mentally. Which I am so happy and proud of since we live so far from eachother. We talk all the time. All the time. All. The. Time. But being together is different.

I feel like ever since I was a kid people would tell me every relationship is different, as all people are different. It didn’t truly hit me until recently how true that is. We are who we are, and our relationship is special. Aside from honoring God’s laws and principles, there is nothing else (person or unit) we should answer to. Like my man always tells me, we are our own circle, just me, him, and God. That’s it. So I am so happy to see Us grow and learn and laugh with each other. It truly makes me feel blessed to have someone as dedicated to Us as I am.

Anyway, the longer I write and the more I reread what I have written, the more I realize that maybe this post has no true main point. I guess I just needed to get this out there… ¬†Thanks for your patience!

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