A couple weeks ago, as part of a self-worth exercise, my husband and I agreed to sharing a quality with one another that the other possesses. Each morning, after we discussed the scripture of the day, we were to share this one quality and explain how and when the other one uses it. 

Because of stress and illness, we never quite got to Day 2. Day 2 onward brought sinus pain then wisdom tooth issues… and conflicting schedules…. and tornado warnings (distraction after distraction) until Day 2 should have been Day 12.

Well, Honey, here is Day 2 for ya.




Some may call me easy to deal with, but you know just how difficult I can be. I have an attitude, I like to test you at times, and some times eeeeaaarrrllyyyyy in the morning I like to randomly touch your face for no good reason. You have never gotten upset with me, you’ve never let on that you are disappointed in me, and you have NEVER raised your voice at me.

The past few weeks have been difficult, I know. One minute I am laughing and joking, the next I am in bed trying to find a manageable position in the darkness. You say its hard for you to see me in pain, but sometimes I feel like the pain is exactly what I deserve. I know I don’t deserve your patience, your tender care, or you gentle touch. But somehow I’ve been blessed.

Thank you for this week.

Thank you for your strong spirit, your helping hand, your listening ear, your sweet caresses, your loving reassurances, your steady arm, your gentle reminders, your promising words, your cautious care, your beautiful heart.

Thank you for being a strong surface to lean on. Thank you for being the broad  shoulder to cry. Thank you for being right there when I had to puke. Thank you for being right next to me when the meds started to make me drift. Thank you for buying me The Best Mac N Cheese when I could finally eat again. Thank you for not eating all of the Good Stuff in front of me when I. couldn’t.

Thank you for dealing with me and for loving me.


                         Your Wife


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