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No spoilers, I promise!


This past weekend was one for the books! I got a ton accomplished and got to spend an amazing weekend with my family and future family!

Mission: Finding The (Other) One

Friday, my two future sister-in-laws, a close friend, and my cousin started our hunt for my Perfect  Dress. After my car, Kiana (the Kia) got some TLC in the form of a “Team Bride” bumper magnet, I got the same treatment from my Maid of Honor with a “Bride” pin.

We headed to our first appointment at a boutique in Metairie, Louisiana. It was a nice one, with a great selection, although I felt like my bridal consultant had no idea what she was doing. She was likeable and friendly, so that helped distract from her inability to figure out what I wanted. But even after I told her what I thought I liked and knew I hated, she was still struggling. After a few fails on her part, I offered my assistance in helping her find some contenders. So there I was, waddling around the shop in an oversized dress pinned to me, looking through racks of dresses to try on.

All in all, I feel like that appointment mainly taught me which styles of dresses I favor, and which ones I detest. I didn’t find The One, but I left with a better outlook and a clearer vision.

We went to three bridal boutiques total before I fell in love with a dress. And I have to say, I have never seen a dress as beautiful as this one. Mine. It was at a boutique in Metairie called Bustles and Bows, and upon walking in, I really didn’t think I would find what I was looking for. Mainly since their selection was very different from what I had just discivered that I wanted. Turns out, I ended up selecting a dress closer to my original vision of my wedding dress, before I started shopping.

After I accomplished the primary mission of finding my dress, my fiancé and I tackeled our wedding registry. With only 5 and a half months left until “I Do”, we figured it was time. We have so much to do, so it was fun having some time with my future hubby to envision our future house and to goof around and be us. We weren’t able to finish, of course, but we definitely put a dent into our registry. Later, we were able to get things settled at Kay’s Jewelers. Ordered a resize of my ring so it doesn’t fall off when I wash my hands, looked at a band to go with it, and figured out what kind of style my honey likes. I won’t have an engagement ring for two weeks, which sucks, but I’ll be glad when my beautiful ring finally fits me.

All in all, I had a great weekend with My Love and some of my closest friends. I had a blast, and as always when the weekend ends, I miss it. I miss being in my fiancé’s arms and laughing at dumb things and being us. I miss him. But that’s the reality of long distance. 5 weeks of separation turns into only a weekend of togetherness. Below is a collage of my weekend.

I’ll talk to you soon! XOXO


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