Since moving to Georgia, there have been countless ideas and dreams I have collected in this crazy brain of mine. There have been those that I have pursued and accomplished like transforming our living room and guest room (more on that later!) or experimenting in the kitchen, and then there are those ideas that just live in my Pinterest account or other people’s Instagram posts.

You know… ideas that involve taking control of your life and schedule;  dreams that involve hard work, commitment, or consistency. Eating healthier, going to the gym, devoting more time for God and family, cleaning out that junk drawer, cleaning out the junk room, sticking to a family budget, decreasing debt, etc, etc, etc.

With goals like that, where do you begin?

In this multi-part series, I would love to show you how I accomplish my goals from start to finish. I’ll even provide examples of what I am doing (or have done in the past) to progress to where I desire to be.

Goal-digging 101

That’s what this class should be called. But since I am a professional (*sticks tongue out mockingly*) I will call it a less appealing title full of transparency and drab:

Pursuing Your Goals

Part One: Motivation

“A goal without motivation is a only a dream.”

Have you ever heard that quote? (If you have, let me know because I thought I made it up! *inserts “cash me ousside” meme*) 

Lately these words have been echoing in my head a lot. All of those examples of goals I gave earlier are actual personal goals of mine. Each one of them are pieces of a puzzle that will eventually lead to a happier and healthier Me.

Eating better will help me to stay at a healthy weight and keep me from some of the health problems some in my family face. Devoting more time for God and my family will help me to stay encouraged and help my family draw closer to one another. Decreasing debt will help us to be comfortable and happy when children or hard times come along. I have many many goals, but I am eager to make sure I achieve each and every one of them, My goals are to ensure that neither me nor my family are in a rut physically, spiritually, or financially.

But just having these goals isn’t going to protect me. Like that quote mentioned, having just a goal is like having just a dream. Action is necessary. Motivation is necessary.

Here are some inspiring words that I have stashed away to keep me motivated. Click on them to find their source. 

Motivation (mo•ti•va•tion); noun : the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

People have many different types of Motivations for self-improvement – their health, their kids, their marriage, their career, etc. But within their journey, they find that they feel weaker and weaker over time. It could be because of the amount of hard work they are expending, it could be because they feel like they aren’t getting the results they expected, or maybe they are making excuses now. If you are in those shoes, it may be easy to ask why isn’t my Motivation helping me anymore?

Wake up sister, motivation aint a one-time thing! You can’t expect an infection to go away with one antibiotic pill, just like you can’t expect your fear, worry, or bad habits to dissolve with one reflection of a quote or one look at your kids. Staying motivated is a constant but effective key to success in achieving your goals.

Ways to stay motivated:

  1. Make a motivation board.
  2. Visualize your future after achieving your goals.
  3. Make your plans visible to you daily.
  4. Have a saying or quote that will help you push through hard times.
  5. Make your journey enjoyable.

Below is a photo of my motivation board’s base. I plan on putting photos, quotes, and goals on it to keep me motivated! It only works if you take the time to do it!

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