It’s really amazing how quickly time flies.


Wow..Okay. I just sounded like an old woman. I specifically just pictured the image of grey-haired Rose from Titanic.


But it’s so true. This Saturday marks my husband and I being married for a whole month! A WHOLE month. This weekend we will be out having a nice dinner and seeing a movie together in celebration. I’m not the type to question a good time, but I definitely have been thinking “Where has the time gone?”



Well, we have definitely been busy. Me with household chores, this blog, getting used to Georgia life, and making new friends. Him with work… and my shenanigans and constant confusion. We have also made a lot of progress with the house, I am happy to say. Slowly but surely the house is becoming Ours, and that makes me so happy. When I first saw it when we were dating, I knew I loved it. It wasn’t my style at all, but I knew it had so much potential.



After a couple of months of work, I am happy to announce that we have finished the living room!


I have only a few pictures of the living room before we attacked it, and most of them feature me in the corner looking a hot mess. So here’s one.






Real hardwood floors, wood trim, a beautiful but unusual window with three panes side by side, and a fireplace (pictured later) across from the windows. A little old-school, but nothing we couldn’t upgrade.



We had a couple of online photos we used as inspiration for our future living room, and a whole Pinterest board FULL of ideas. With some imagining, testing out (and throwing out), eventually we came up with a living room that fits us. Here’s how we did it!



First, we decided our game-plan was to begin with a fresh coat of paint on the walls and to paint the wood trim. Yes, I know, for some people it’s a sin to paint wood trim. My mom being one of those people. But for us modern millennials, wood trim would not accomplish the look we were hoping for- a room with natural light and a place aesthetically pleasing, but also relaxing. The wood trim had to go!



Next, we brought our attention to the fireplace. It was an eye-sore. Just being honest. I loved the wood on the mantel, but the bricks were dark and dirty. Not at all bright and relaxing. My husband convinced me to think about painting the mantle white and I convinced him to think about white-washing the bricks. After some discussion, we did both. I was so nervous, since I hadn’t seen many people white-wash their brick fireplaces, but we read upon it and tried it out. It came out very nice. The bricks are now a light grey color, and the mantle looks great with the trim.




After we got the furniture in, came my favorite part – decorating! Decorating means shopping, and I can never say no to shopping. We needed lamps, curtains, a rug, and items for the fireplace mantel. Practically everything.





All in all, dressing the mantel was pretty simple. I followed the Triangle Method (read all  about it here and here) and decided I either wanted a mirror or a clock to be the focal point. I immediately didn’t fall in love with any of the clocks or mirrors that I was seeing, so I started looking for the other items to go on the mantel. I figured since the colors of the room were mainly white, beige, and grey, we would stick to those. Eventually, I found a gorgeous clock to be the star of the show.



Soon, we found my dream rug at (my ride-or-die store) Target. The rug I had been dreaming of purchasing for months was finally sitting right in front of me. I was in love. Well, infatuation is a better word for it. As we thought about how it would look in our living room, we passed it up for an equally beautiful white rug. Not my rug, but just as charming. This one ended up being a much better fit for our decor, and it was a great price. It’s really funny how expensive rugs can be at some stores. And by “funny”  I mean absolutely repulsive. Target saved the day with their impressive prices, that is, after it broke up the love affair I was having with my original rug. Still a little salty about it, as you can tell.




After the rug was put down and we bought some lamps, the last piece of the puzzle was the curtains. White or Beige? Window-length or Floor-length? Normal or Grommet? Picturing all of these options is not as easy as it seems. We decided on white, floor-length, and grommet style even though I was fighting myself so hard to avoid grommet. It just reminds me of a shower curtain, not at all a style that I like. ! Well, as soon as they were up, I was glad because they actually look great, and it ended up giving us a tad more freedom to move the curtains, in my opinion.



So without further ado, here is our whole living room!




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I wish I could be more helpful and tell you where I got each item, but as I mentioned earlier, I am an old lady with an old brain, so sorry! I can tell you where I got some of the big pieces. The furniture is all from Ashley with the exception of the table next to the fireplace which we purchased at Target. The rug is also from Target, while the clock above the fireplace is from Hobby Lobby. Many of the small items are from either At Home, Target, Hobby Lobby, or a local store here in Georgia called the Warehouse. No guarantees that they are still there.



What do you guys think?


Let me know in the comments section!

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