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Welcome to my Natural Hair Journey!!

As mentioned in I Hate My Hair, I made the decision about a month ago to stop using relaxers to chemically straighten my hair. My curls need to break free and have their time to shine. It was not at all a decision I made quickly or spontaneously, nor is it a decision I plan on un-making. It has a lot to do with the condition of my hair and the promise I have made to make better health choices in my life. I have come to realize that a great way to use more “natural” products is to not use chemicals that reek of raw eggs… on my scalp…centimeters from my brain. slow clap. So, yeah, I am going natural.

This is going to be a difficult journey full of long wash days, unmanageable hair, and bad hair days. But it will be a journey full of wonder, knowledge, and end in beautiful curls. I think that’s why it’s called a journey… Any trip has it’s challenges. You may get a flat on your way to Disney World or drop your phone in a gas station toilet on your way to New York. But did you regret getting to finally hug Ariel or get to see the lights and action of Times Square? Not at all. Similarly, I may regret using a certain product on my hair or doing a certain hairstyle, but I won’t regret going natural. I won’t. I am so confident of that.

Future Posts

In this hair journey, I plan to post a hair update each month, product reviews, occasional length check videos, texture photos and encouragement in general. Yes, I want to support anyone who is going through this. But at the same time, I want to keep myself encouraged more than anything else.

Hair update posts will include information about my challenges, my observances, my fails, and my wins. I will be candid, I will be honest, and I will be transparent. Healthy hair is my focus, as it probably is for those who decide to stop by. I’ll do my best to provide quality photos of my hair wet so you guys can see my progress.

Product reviews won’t be my focus, but I will definitely share if I find a hair care gem. Right now, I am looking for products that will provide moisture and strength, without harsh chemicals and sulfates.

If I try any interesting hair care methods, I won’t be shy to let you know how it goes. That goes for tools and accessories, also. Sharing is caring. Photos and videos are important, right?! Well best believe I will be uploading not only texture photos and videos, but also photos of my hairdos. Yes, whether it’s good, bad, or ugly, I plan on sharing. Candid, Honest, and Transparent. I promise.

Hair Update

May 2017 (4 months post-relaxer)

Alright, I guess I have talked enough about how I plan on doing this. How about I just do it! Let’s talk.

My last relaxer was in early to middle January. Before then, I would get a relaxer about every 2-3 months. A little new-growth never bothered me, so it wasn’t until around month 3 that managing my hair would get difficult. I would get my mom to perm my hair, pretend like it wasn’t burning my scalp 10 minutes in, and once I couldn’t tolerate it anymore ask my mom if it was straight yet. When the answer was no, I would decide I could last a little longer and resume position. She would ask me if it was burning and I would lie every time. Beauty is pain. So sad.

So far in this journey, I do not miss chemical burns or crusty scabs on my scalp. Yes, it’s difficult dealing with two very different textures, but seeing my curls come in is amazing. I’m so proud of the little things, like they are my children or something. My husband has to be annoyed by how many times I have called him to the bathroom all frantic just to show him my little babies.

I have tight coils in the perimeter of my head and slightly looser curls throughout. I’m pretty sure I’m in the 4b/4c hair type category, but time will tell. In the back where the curls are a tad looser, I cut off some permed ends on the left side. Every time I wash my hair, I am sure to check out those curls and play around.

Currently, my hair loves vitamin E oil. I will be sure to make a post about the oil I have, because it is the bomb! I apply it after conditioning, in the morning after I take my head wrap off, and when taking down twist-outs. LOVE IT! Also on the Like list is this olive oil detangling spray I got from a dollar store. My hair gets super soft after I use it, and it smells super good!

Since this post is so long, I will insert a video and let that be it until next month. Enjoy!

Support and Encouragement

I aint ready to go through this alone, y’all. Help a sister out. I know I am not alone in this, so I’m reaching out. If you have advice, want to share a story or you are going through it yourself, reach out to me. Please! I need feedback and encouragement too. Connect with me on Instagram or follow this blog to keep up with my progress and to share your story! Contrary to what some may believe, going natural is more difficult than it appears. In addition, it takes forever. Like forever-ever. So let’s stay motivated and confident!  

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