If you’re new to this blog, I promised (and failed!) to provide monthly updates on my hair progress as I transition to natural! You can find the first update here. I have been transitioning since January, and I have not used any heat products or sulfates since March 2017. To see my progress, keep reading!

Hair Update

October 2017 (9 months post-relaxer)

With each Wash Day, I get so excited to be able to play in my hair and see my progress up close. It’s beautiful to be able to check in every week and see how my hair is growing in. But let me tell you, as soon as it is time to do something to it, I have Big Chop inklings. Working with two textures is getting more and more difficult as time progresses. At one point in the last couple of months, I was feeling like maybe I was getting the hang of it all. LIES. It gets harder and harder as my natural hair gets longer.

My natural hair is kinky/curly. Let me just lead with that. VERY curly. I love it, but styling it is quite a mess. My hands and arms get tired halfway through twists, hair tangles upon itself easily, and I am exhausted by the end. At the end of each “session”, I literally tell my husband that I’m cutting my hair. He gets excited each time, and then I have to tell him “not today, but soon”.

Big Chopping (cutting off all of the relaxed ends) makes me anxious, but I feel like it will offer me some relief. I have never had truly short hair. I’ve had neck-length straight hair, but nothing shorter. Going shorter is scary.  My goal is to wait until next spring to cut my hair, but we shall see. I can be impulsive at times.

How I Style My Hair

Though I didn’t fully realize it, there are many styling options for transitioning hair. I’ve been trying to be creative and fun, but many times my ideas either look like the store brand version of what I thought it would be or like complete trash. Sometimes they have come out looking decent. A few times, I feel like I owned it. Like the above picture. (My father-in-law said I looked like Lucille Ball. Not an insult, I’ll take it!) I posted a couple of pictures on Instagram (where you can totally follow me!) where you can see the back.

I bought a couple of head-scarves to wear, and have used one twice in the last couple of months. Both times, I really liked it. It’s funny because I looked everywhere online to find instructions on how to put on hair scarves, but found nothing that worked for me. So I winged it both times. The first time I wore it like an African goddess (or at least that’s what my husband called me) for date night. My guess is that it probably was covering rows of twists or bantu knots. The second time, I wore it to a meeting. I tied it in a big bow and got many many compliments. Apparently, my last-minute coverup was cute! Surprise, surprise.

More often, though, I’ve been either wearing twist-outs or bantu knot-outs, or I’ve been pulling my hair back in a bun and headband. Those have been my go-to styles since they are easy and I am a working girl. Thick cloth headbands have been my lifesavers! They hide everything I want to hide and let me have a day or two of freedom from having to wrestle with my mane.

One thing I have been struggling with lately is the beautiful art of flat-twisting. I feel like I am progressively getting better, but it has been a struggle. I find I have no issues with making bantu knots or normal twists, but those flat twists are so difficult for my hands to understand! The extra twisting involved to get them perfect has been difficult. One day I’ll get it right.

Products I Love

Most of the products I use are typical naturalista products, but I have a few that are worth mentioning. One is my knockoff Tangle Teezer from Walmart by Goody. I saw many people online using this type of brush and really had no idea why they praised it so much, but once I used it I figured it out. It’s hard to explain how it works for curly hair, but it definitely works wonders.

Another life saver product worth mentioning is Shea Moisture’s Deep Treatment Masque. I use it as a deep conditioner, and it provides my hair with the moisture and strength it needs for the week. It makes my hair feel so soft and manageable when it is time to style it. I’ve posted about it on Instagram the week I purchased it, and I have used it every Wash Day since.

Here are a few of my hairstyles, some are hits and some are hats.

Let me know what you’re favorite hair products are in the comment section below!


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