Have you ever known someone that was just perfect? That person with the perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect sense of style, and perfect  response for every perfect thing?? Im talking about that girl that can make a messy bun look like a Oscar updo, the girl who has it together and seems to have just “woke up like this”?

Who popped into your mind?

Well, a few people from my past and present appeared in my mind. I saw a couple of girls who are actually sweethearts, to be honest. But they definitely slay. (I’m wondering how many Beyoncé references I can fit into this post. I’m sorry I’m not sorry.)

So, you feel someone is prettier than you.. Do you view complimenting them as unnecessary, overrated, or somehow a demeanment upon yourself? That is, do you sometimes think that telling someone they look cute or have a cute (blank) is the same as telling yourself that you aren’t as cute?

That sounds crazy, right?

Well that’s exactly how some people act.

People withhold compliments from others to make themselves look and feel better at times, and it’s sad.

I just want to clear something up: “Paying” a compliment should not be looked upon as costing you something or harming you or your self esteem in any way. In actuality, this is what the term means…

You should view compliments as “something that is due”, a beautiful expression that you owe to others. If you are thinking it, don’t keep it to yourself! You think the girl in art class has beautiful hair? Tell her! You think your friend has the patience of a tortoise? Let him know! You think your boyfriend is the sweetest guy on earth? Why not post it on your blog? (See what I did there? 😏)

Enriching others’ lives doesn’t mean that you are in any way demeaning your own. Naturally, every one has strengths and weaknesses.

Fact: Kim Kardashian has a beautiful face and mad makeup skills. Fact: She has a huge brand and fan following. Fact: Girl can’t sing a lick.

A person’s strengths do not erase their weaknesses, and neither does talking about someone’s strengths. Be kind and share the love!!

Challenge: Pay someone a compliment from the heart. Make their day. Don’t think about yourself or how you compare to that person, just think about enlightening someone’s life. That is all.

7 Reasons to give someone a compliment today.

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