To anyone who knows where that quote is from, I applaud your literary abilities. I’ve literally been waiting 6 months to use this line from my Favorite book ever.

First person to give me the correct answer in the comments and follow me on Instagram gets a free Starbuck’s giftcard!

Saturday, February 18, marked the beginning of a new life for me. I married the love of my life in New Orleans and became Mrs. Crum. {I love the way that sounds.}

Today, March 1, ¬†marks a new beginning. The new beginning of a blog journey I’ve decided to call Georgia Wife Life. Oh, how excited I am to document my new life and take you on the journey!

Let me introduce you:

GWL is all about life. The good, the bad, the tasty. Life. I’ll be sharing all things wedding (information, pictures, tips), food adventures, home decor, and relationships. It’ll be fun! On the blog, there are a few older posts I couldn’t make myself delete, so I have organized them accordingly in the menu options.

Hope to hear from you soon. Tell me what you think. Who are you guys, and where are you from? What are you interested in? Let me know in the comments section. Enjoy reading!

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