• So obviously, this post is going to be a tad personal… I do not apologize. As you can see, I had an amazing weekend. My best friend surprised me in the most ultimate and beautiful way possible. {If you do not know our story, just wait; I am positive either I’ll upload it later or put up our link when we put our wedding site together.} But I would like to share how he proposed, because he got me good. Sooo good.

How He Did It

This past weekend there was a convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses hosted in Macon, Ga, so instead of going to my own convention in Baton Rouge, I decided to join Justin and his family for theirs. Early on, his mom and dad were super excited I was coming because that Friday marked their 28th year of marriage. His mom sent all of her kids and me an invitation to celebrate with them at her favorite restaurant that Friday night after the convention session. I was super excited to be with my new family and celebrate with them for the first time. Slowly but surely my family in Louisiana somehow all jumped on the bandwagon, so instead of me just flying into Georgia Thursday night ( like I wanted to), we planned a roadtrip. All 5 of us- my grandma, mom, sister, nephew and me.

A week before the trip Justin’s mom called me with some girl-talk and asked if she could treat my mom and grandma to a manicure when they arrived. “I know you’ll have your nails looking nice… Just wanted to do something nice for your mom and Momo.” Then she asked, “When are you getting your nails done?”

In all honesty, my nails are rarely cute. I am a nurse, so I use my hands a lot. And I can be a tad bit OCD with nails, so if one nail is ruined, it’s all over for the set. So when she alluded to me having them done, I was like oh crap. Then proceeded to add Mani/Pedi to my to-do list.

Wednesday, I got my nails done, and then the next day we were on our way to Georgia!

Fastforward through hours of driving, fast food, and highway arguments, we made it! 

Friday, the first day of the convention, started off great. We had a great Bible-based program, and I had the opportunity to meet some of Justin’s family and friends. Around 2pm, as we were seated listening to the program, Justin started to dig in his pocket. When he retrieved his phone out, I could see his boss was calling him. He looked at me and said he had to take it, and he would be back.

He was gone 40 minutes before I checked my phone and saw his message.

Taking care of a work emergency.

I was a tad annoyed at this point. I felt like asking him “Really, Justin?”. I didn’t. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I decided to ask if he had to actually leave the convention center. I was hoping maybe he just had to step outside with his phone and give his boss step-by-step directions on how to fix whatever tech issues there was. Nope. His next message confirmed that he left.. I admit, I was angry. How in the world do you skip out on a regional convention?!  I sent him a message telling him that I was going to steal his phone next convention, and that it’s not okay to choose work over God. I ended the message with See you later. 

Then later, when the convention session was finished I found a message from Justin to the family group message asking us to help him clean up from his work. Apparently there was an event and the person covering it from his job had a death in the family. Justin apologized for having to ask us, but sincerely needed our help. I ignored his message. Then I saw his brother-in-law messaged him back Sure thing. He told Justin that we were leaving the convention center and would be heading his way.

In my head I was thinking “How in the world is this okay?” But since I respected his family and saw that I was the only one a little annoyed by this whole work nonsense, I decided to just forget about the issue at the time, and just talk to Justin about it privately. We headed to the address Justin sent to us and when we got there, I greeted him like I would any other time and jumped out to help him clean up whatever mess he had left from the event.  The place was gorgeous, a large scenic park with a body of water close-by. He pointed to some garbage bags on the ground and told me that’s all he had left to pick up.

“Hold up, though.” He said. “You want to see what logo I made for them?”

“Sure.” I said, dropping the bags.

He pointed to an eisel with a blank canvas on it. Me, not being the smartest of God’s creatures, looked at it confused.

“It’s on the back.” He said to me matter-of-factly.

“Ohhhh.” I said, laughing. I walked up to it,  turned it over, and saw something that didn’t look like a logo at all. It was a purple illustration of a man in a suit. I took a quick glance at it without reading the words and started to ask Justin what it was. I turned around and he was on his knee. I looked back at the illustration and read the words “Will you marry me?” and gasped.

Of course I said yes.

All of my family and his appeared with cameras and hugs and I had to admit I was surprised. Him being the artist he is, the illustration was of himself wearing the exact same outfit as he was that day, on his knee, proposing. And, though his intention wasn’t to make me angry or for me to doubt his spirituality, his disappearance definitely threw me off his scent. In actuality, he didn’t leave the convention center when he “took the call”. He had his boss call him at a specific time and he went to sit somewhere else.

Afterward, we celebrated at this beautiful restaurant called Bucca di Peppo. It was a catered meal of many many entrees; we had two different types of appetizers, two pasta dishes, two different salads, two chicken courses, and two delicious desserts. Everything I tasted was amazing. Justin and I were so happy to share such an amazing experience with our families and such an beautiful day with his parents. That day, July 15th, marked 28 years of marriage for them, and it was truly an honor for them to share that day with us this year. (Thank you soooo much, and Happy Anniversary!!)

We have a long and stressful future ahead of us, wedding planning. But having this weekend to outwardly solidify our relationship was beautiful and an experience I will never forget. I will try not to overbear you with wedding stuff nor desert you guys entirely, but please understand my focus has changed a bit. I love you guys so much, and genuinely appreciate your support and love. Talk to you soon!

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