Last Tuesday marked 150 days until “I Do”, or until the Crum Conversion [as my fiancé and I have coined our upcoming nuptials]. Are we ready to get married? Yes. But are we ready to get married? Ummm… debatable. But we are getting there!


Justin came last weekend to visit and as you have probably guessed by my introduction, we finally did a cake tasting at a bakery called Gambino’s, which is popular in the New Orleans area. This bakery is known for delicious, beautiful event cakes and has been deemed the “King of King Cakes” since the 1940s. We had an amazing experience and ending up choosing a Gambino’s cake for our wedding! 

{They gave us this candle to thank us for choosing them, and it smells WONDERFUL.}


We also got some registry shopping done last weekend. We are registered at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, and have put most of the items we need on the list. I don’t know if anyone else is like me, but I feel super uneasy shopping for gifts for myself. Like, yeah, I understand that people need to know what we need, but it makes me second-guess everything. It this too expensive? Will people laugh at the thought of gifting us this? Do people even love me this much? Basically, we have put the basic things we need on the registries. We have omitted $50 pillows and $20 towels and kept to the necessities, out of fear of being that couple who expects everything.


I have become a little obsessed with Michael’s in the last few weeks, I have to admit. This store has become a go-to store for helping me find wedding stuff for my friend who is getting married this Friday, and at the same time, I have found some great deals for myself also. I am a Michaels Rewards user (it was free!) and find the coupons and notifications they send so helpful.

Online, I found a great deal for charger plates for the wedding (which were originally a little more than $2.00 per plate). With coupons and sales I was able to get them half off, an additional 10% off and get free shipping. So instead of paying $250, I paid $111! For 108 charger plates. Tell me that it’s not a good deal.

To Do

We have sooo many things to do, including making decisions on catering, photography, music, and thanking our bridal party. Also, we have to set up our wedding site sometime this month. Oh yeah, and don’t let me forget how we have to finish paying off everything. I mean, if they really need to take all of our money..

Slowly but surely, things are falling into place in my brain. This wedding certainly won’t be the event of the century for everyone involved, but it will definitely be the event of my lifetime. I’m so excited to get everything together!

This week, though, is about my friend, Z , and her beach wedding. I am sooo happy to be beside her this week on one of the biggest days of her life. And I am equally as happy to be beaching in Florida for (possibly) the last time this year. Finally get a vacation, and I am beyond ecstatic! I’ll enjoy the beach wedding and talk to you guys soon. 

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