Before I get into my new interest, let me tell you how the wedding went!

This weekend I was honored to be a part of my friend Lena’s destination wedding in Florida.  I have to say they truly had it all together; Lena and her fiancé researched everything about the legalities of getting married in another state and knew exactly what they were doing. The three of us drove up to Panama City Beach on Wednesday and visited the nearby city hall to get their marriage license.

We headed back home to New Orleans, then prepared for the true road trip the next day. Thursday started with mani/pedis at a local nail salon, with the bride decked out in a “wifey” shirt (from an etsy shop called cutieandmore that I highly recommend) and a sash that said “Bride To Be”. Six manicures and 3 pedicures later, we were on the road.

We made it to PCB after sunset around 7 that evening, and pulled up to the most GORGEOUS beachhouse. Open floor plan, large kitchen with new appliances and marble countertops, tall doorways, large “rain” showerheads, game room, 4 bikes to explore with, and an amazing community pool across the street. The best part? Each of us only payed about $200 for the 3 nights.

Anyway, back to the wedding: It turned out beautifully. It was on Friday after sunset on the beach. There were tiki torches guiding a path to the groom and candles forming a heart for the bride and groom to stand. We all formed a semi-circle around the couple and watched on as they said “I do.” My fiancé did the photography (and some videography) and I have to say he did an excellent job! I was a little nervous the lighting would mess things up, but he really impressed all of us. {I was like “There goes my baby!”}

Get to the point, please.

Okay, okay! Well, since Justin has skills, I had him train me behind the camera, and I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself. I’m sorry to do this, but I absolutely need to show you guys some photos I shot before the wedding ceremony. All by myself.

Photographers, bloggers, readers: let me know how I did. What could I have done better? And tell me how you discovered photography, I am super interested.

Or just ignore that last paragraph. I mean, it does take 15 whole seconds to type out a response. (Ugh, I hate passive aggressiveness and sarcasm. My apologies.) Talk to you guys soon!

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