After months of late night worries, endless amounts of crafting, and countless arguments over food and invitations, Wedding Season is over.

For me at least.

It’s just beginning for some, I suppose. And though I am so happy for you newly engaged ones out there, I have to say getting married is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. I’ll definitely elaborate on a future post, but let me just say this: A wedding, as joyous as the occasion may be, breaks relationships before it builds them back again. A little depressing, but oh so true.

A few weeks ago our wedding photographer, Roman of Elusive Expressions, sent us our photos and made the point to tell us that our wedding was one of the most “real” weddings he has ever been to. In this instance, “real” meant real emotional. Weddings are supposed to be sentimental, special, and sweet, but ours was something else.

I don’t want to throw my family members under the bus, but I am sure we could sink a yacht with the amount of tears we all cried. Heck, I could have sinked one all by myself. From the moment I saw my Dad before we walked down the aisle together until I said goodbye to everyone, I cried. I cried, I cried, I cried. I cried when I first saw my love, I cried when I looked upon my friends in the audience, I cried when my husband danced with his mom, I cried when my nephew started breakdancing on the dance floor. (I’m surprised I didn’t cry as we cut our cake. It was some good cake. Cake worth crying over.)

As you can imagine, all of that beautiful makeup my sister-in-law, Taryn, spent all morning applying and correcting and touching up was gone before I even made it down the aisle. Thanks anyway, Taryn. I felt more beautiful than I ever have before. Because of you.

Here are some highlights of the Big Day.

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I decided to keep some of the Ugly-Cry photos to myself so I could retain some dignity, but I hope you enjoy the photos. My favorites are the night shots and the confetti send-off. What are yours? Let me know in the comment section below. I love getting to know you readers out there!

I’ll be sure to post soon with more wedding information, what I’ve been up to here in Georgia, and some cool natural products I am excited to talk about. Thanks for stopping by!


Our photographer did an amazing job, and was a joy to work with, so if you are in the New Orleans area and need someone reasonable and knowledgeable for a photography session, give Elusive Expressions a shot.

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