“Don’t worry, your wedding will be perfect.”


Everybody tells you that. Your mom, your best friend, your baker, the random lady at the Walmart checkout who is taking forever to find the produce stickers on your apples – they all say it. They mean well, but every bride-to-be knows that those words are just a formality.  Every wedding takes hard work, many pretty pennies, and an extra nerve or two when someone is on your last one. You’ll need as much patience and self-restraint as you’ll need time and money.

Reflecting on my own wedding experience, I’ve listed 5 things you should think about before your Big Day to have the best night ever.

1. Your Bride Team is your lifeline – choose them wisely!  Funny story: On her wedding day, my friend Jasmin wanted one of those Starbucks photos where the barista writes “bride” and “bridesmaids” on the cups. When it was time to take the picture of our cups, we were surprised to see the barista went rogue and decided to randomly write “Bride Team” on one of the cups. To this day, when I think of that phrase it makes me laugh. But, honestly, that is exactly what your bridesmaids should be, your team. They should be people who are willing to support you, encourage you, and calm you down when you’re sent lilac tablecloths instead of periwinkle. Most of all, your team should be ready to help you without reservation and without an attitude.

2. Be prepared for anything that can go wrong. Do you lose things easily? Give your wedding band to someone you trust. Are you clumsy? Don’t forget to prepare an extra outfit just in case you spill marinara on yourself at the rehearsal dinner. Do you wear contacts? Pack extra lenses so you have a backup if you drop yours. You never think it’ll happen to you until it happens to you. Did I mention it happened to me? Imagine, hours before your wedding, rushing around an unfamiliar city to find contacts. Not fun at all.

3. Appreciate those who help. Listen, Bride. Whether you have “-zilla” behind that title or not, always remember that you are in no way entitled to anything. Your friends and family do not have to give you gifts, cater to you, or (excuse my language) take crap from you. Just like you, many will sacrifice time, energy, and funds to make this day special. Some may spend sleepless nights hot-gluing twine to candles or preparing flower arrangements so they look perfect. They don’t deserve to be bossed around, micromanaged, or yelled at. They chose to be there for you, and they can easily choose to leave. (Haven’t you see the show Bridezillas?) Show them how much their hard work means to you with a card or gift. A simple “thank you” can go a long way.

4. Be organized. Your wedding will probably be the biggest party you ever throw (and the most expensive!) There will be contracts to sign, receipts to keep, and deadlines to remember. Forgetting the simplest thing could potentially ruin everything or cost you some serious money. It is important for every bride to be organized. I am a huge fan of wedding planner binders like this one from Etsy. They have pages, calendars, and spreadsheets to do anything and everything wedding-related. You can track your budget, hold your receipts, construct lists, store vendor information, and more. Wedding planners vary in price, so there’s nothing wrong with DIYing it with free printables and a little creativity. Pinterest is teeming with great ideas!

5. Never underestimate the power of tears.  A few months ago I talked about my wedding experience and shared how emotional I was that evening. I cried the moment I saw my father and couldn’t stop for anything. Honestly, I didn’t think I would cry at all. Boy, was I wrong. Those tears came out of nowhere and once they started they couldn’t be stopped. My sister-in-law took her time and did a wonderful job on my makeup, but it was ruined within seconds of walking down the aisle. Be prepared for tears, no matter how strong you think you are.


So here is the honest truth: Yes, your wedding day will be special. It will be a day that you will never forget- a day full of love, laughs, and tears. You’ll make beautiful memories with the people you love most. Your wedding will be magical, breathtaking, and amazing, but it may not be perfect. I’m sorry, I know that’s exactly what you don’t want to hear. But it’s true: things will go awry and mistakes will be made. But it’s okay because your wedding was a celebration of the love you and your best friend share. That, my friend, is where the perfection is.


What makes a wedding special to you? Let me know in the comment section below!

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